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The World's First Electric Guitar Designed to Be Played in a Wheelchair

The Wheely Guitar's custom Patented design features allow for comfortable playing in a wheelchair.


Traditional guitars do not fit properly in the confines of a wheelchair, resulting in very awkward and uncomfortable playing positions or the tragic abandonment of guitar playing. The Wheely's Patented design makes it the world's first and only guitar specifically designed and built to remedy this.


Unique Features

• Custom Patented Chair Arm Relief - The Wheely fits comfortably in a chair with arms
​• Custom Patented Leg Relief - The Wheely rests comfortably on the player's leg
​• Custom Patented Jack Position - The Wheely's unique jack position allows for chair arm cable clearance
​• Custom Belly Relief - This custom body shape feature adds additional comfort in a sitting position 
​• Custom Comfort Carve Neck - For greater ease of playing in a sitting position


Custom Made in the USA

Luthier Mel Bergman designed and built The Wheely to be an instrument of the highest quality and craftsmanship, using only the best methods, materials and components to produce a guitar of wide appeal that sounds, looks and plays fantastic. 

The Wheely guitar is hand-made in the USA by Mel Bergman in his custom guitar shop in Camarillo, CA, and every guitar is personally approved to meet his exacting and high standards.  The finest materials and components have been used to ensure that The Wheely is an instrument of the highest quality that will meet the expectations of the discerning guitar player.

The Wheely is available in four colors and in three varieties of pickup combinations (3 single-coil, 2 humbuckers and 1 single-coil, and 2 humbuckers). Left-Hand and Child-size models are currently in development.


Our Vision

Wheely Guitars LLC has been established to achieve this vision:

• To Build and Distribute these adaptive guitars to individuals, rehabilitative facilities, and educational institutions.

• To Establish the World's First ADA-compliant Adaptive Musical Instrument Manufacturing Facility partially staffed by people in wheelchairs making guitars for people in wheelchairs.

• To Establish a Foundation to Promote and Encourage the Development and Playing of Adaptive Musical Instruments


Our aim is to spread the joy of making music by playing an electric guitar - we want to get as many of these guitars into as many hands as possible. We are actively seeking to make as many connections with individuals and organizations as we can. If you are interested in purchasing a Wheely or would like to know more, contact us!

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