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Team USA Wheelchair Basketball Gold Medalist Abby Dunkin asks "If sports can be adapted, why not musical instruments?" Here's Abby playing The Wheely. Note the custom Patented leg rest and chair arm relief. Abby tells us: "The way it is crafted on the body, how it fits in your lap - with The Wheely guitar it was really easy to fit it on my lap and it really did not interfere with my side guard where it would damage the body of the guitar or any part of the guitar at all. It was really easy to fit and play - and I didn’t have to adjust how I sat in my chair either, which was new to me. I also have a lot of friends who do play and had played in the past before their injuries and have had to quit playing because they cannot fit the guitar in the chair with them. Or they have to get out of the chair and play, which is a hassle. So with this guitar it was really easy to fit in your chair and not really have to move at all. With this guitar the only difference is how the body is crafted. Other than that you get the same sound and everything’s the exact same as you would go to a music store and buy an electric guitar. The sound is the same, the quality is the same, it’s very high end. It’s a great, high quality guitar for sure.”

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