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The Patented Wheely is the world's first and only guitar specifically designed and built to be played in a wheelchair.

The Wheely's Patented design features enable the player to play the guitar in a comfortable playing position. Handmade in the U.S.A., The Wheely looks, sounds, and most importantly, plays great due to it's unique Patented design features, which include:

• Custom Patented Chair Arm Relief - The Wheely fits comfortably in a chair with arms

• Custom Patented Leg Relief - The Wheely rests comfortably on the player's leg

• Custom Patented Jack Position - The Wheely's unique jack position allows for chair arm cable clearance

• Custom Belly Relief - This custom body shape feature adds additional comfort in a sitting position

• Custom Comfort Carve Neck - For greater ease of playing in a sitting position

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