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When playing a guitar while seated, players typically hold the guitar in one of two positions.

Many players use both positions at different times, depending on what they are playing:


A. Classical:  The bottom of the instrument rests between the legs, often with the ''waist' of the guitar over the left leg.  The left leg might be elevated on a footrest, allowing the neck to be held at a higher angle.


B. Modern/Alternative:  The waist of the guitar rests upon the right leg, with the bottom of the guitar over on the player's right side.  The neck may be held more horizontally.


When adapting to wheelchair play, neither position fulfilled our requirements for ease of play, balance and comfort.  Several innovations resulted in the development of a modified position of play for the Wheely.


Wheely Position:  The playing position is designed to be midway between the typical positions.  A point has been designed into the bottom of the guitar to nest the instrument comfortably between the player's legs, supporting proper balance, as the right side of the instrument has been cut away to accommodate the arm of the wheelchair. 

The guitar’s featured design innovations allow it to be played in an upright position in a wheelchair, as pictured. Playing in another position may cause some slight interference with parts of the chair.

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